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Based in Sydney, Australia we offer quality video production and camera services for:

Marketing videos / corporate videos / webvideos / webinars / webcasts / video news releases / TV commercials / infomercials / current affair stories / documentaries / training videos / educational videos / social media videos

Thor Productions was established in 2001. We are a trusted boutique video production company without large overheads but a wealth of experience.

Thor Productions' client list

Marketing Videos


Whether you need a corporate video for broadcast, webcast or web video on demand, Thor Productions can help with your production needs.

A range of formats and options are available for all sizes of productions and budgets.

Find out more about our video production services and look at some production samples.

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Zoozaro website video, Sydney 1’20″

“Thorsten was wonderful to work with. Very professional, efficient and understood exactly what I was after. The video has made a huge difference to my business and has taken me to the next level. Thanks so much!”

Emily Jones, Zoozaro

Sydney based lighting cameraman


Thorsten Joses is Thor Productions’ principal cameraman. You can hire him with and without camera equipment. Thorsten is also an experienced fixer and can help organising shoots for international productions. He has 30 years of TV video industry experience covering ENG, Reality TV, Events, Outside Broadcast and Documentary.

Thor Productions has a network experienced industry professionals. We can provide additional cameramen/videographers and sound recordists if required.

If our camera equipment is not suitable to your productions needs, we can organise alternatives to suit your requirements.

More on our camera services.

DW Reporters “Vanuatu after the Cyclone” 12’07″

“When the Islands of Vanuatu were struck by a devastating Cyclone in early 2015 I was in urgent need of a camera-person. Knowing Thorsten from a number of Meetings of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association I called him, very well knowing that it might be a bit risky, as we never formed a team before.

As I was already in Vanuatu’s capital he took the earliest flight from Sydney over to the islands where I met him at the airport. What followed was hard work and a number of extremely fruitful days. Shooting amongst traumatised people in a totally destroyed environment was a tremendous challenge. Thorsten was remarkably flexible, creative and co-operative. We got exactly what we needed for our documentary – and even a little more.

I would certainly love to work with him again.”

Dieter Herrmann, DW TV-Correspondent,

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